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We pride ourselves on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex issues, whether it is building a fresh or waste water treatment plant, a municipal pump station, a floating school, a lighterage barge, or a Surimi processing plant, the MSI team can provide a creative and practical solution to your construction needs.

Our goal with each project is to find a way to exceed the customer’s expectations. 

Project List

  1. Division Street Tank and Booster Pump Station
  2. Swamp Creek Bridge No. 504 Replacement
  3. McMinnville WRF Expansion Project
  4. Kingsgate Booster Pump Station
  5. Poulsbo Stormwater Decant Facility
  6. Ryerson Base Lift Replacement
  7. Chambers Creek Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant
  8. Central Kitsap Treatment Plant Resource Recovery Project
  9. Thompson Reservoir Pump Station
  10. Baker Lake Spawning Beach Hatchery
  11. Alaskan Way Seawall
  12. Sand Point Magnuson Park
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Robert Creek Panoramic View